Multinational Small & Medium
Business Community Center

SMBCC is a non-profit organization dedicated to

helping small & medium businesses across Canada and China.

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  • Seniors Social/Education Program

How We Can Help

Corporate Registration

As a non-profit organization, we strive to provide you with corporate registration services at the lowest possible fee. Regions includes Canada, China and Hong Kong.

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At SMBCC, we offer a variety of management consulting services to accommodate any possible issues you may have while running your businesses.

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Corporate Accounting

SMBCC provides you with data processing tools that will help you in processing accounting information in both corporate and individual settings.

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SMBCC, partnered with multiple accounting, investment and consulting firms, offers professional accounting and taxation consulting services to its members.

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Senior Services


At SMBCC, we help our seniors with their personal tax returns, pension, family sponsorship, and English. We host yearly events for our seniors.

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Featured Service

We provide free tax return to low-income families in Canada.

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This section contains information on membership services, rights and responsibilities for our members. Find out how to become our member and the privileges of being our member.

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Member Info Exchange

Members may exchange information to discover business opportunities in here. You may search among our members, find career information, lease information and see the products offered by our members.

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Seminar & Events

At SMBCC, we facilitate and organize information sessions to keep you updated with taxation and management knowledge. We also hold networking sessions for your business to discover business opportunities.

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Why Us?

SMBCC, partnered with multiple accounting, investment and consulting firms, is capable of offering professional and insightful services to its members. Contact us today, and find out how you can improve your business!


Phone: 1-647-343-8288


Address: 211 Consumers Road, Suite 300


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