Membership Admission Guide


We appreciate your for your support. We are now accepting Corporation Members, Individual members, and over-sea members to join us.


Membership Qualifications

  1. Members should comply with articles of our organization.
  2. Members willing to join us and accept responsibility required by our organization.
  3. Application Procedure.
  4. Complete our Application Form.
  5. We will review the application form after you submitted.
  6. Once your qualification has been approved, you will receive our further information by email.
  7. We will comply with confidentiality for your corporation / individual information in any situation. 


Member’s Responsibilities

  1. Members should submit membership fee on time.
  2. Members should maintain our organization’s reputation.
  3. Members should Volunteer for paying the added-value services.
  4. Members can provide feedbacks for our organization’s operation and related support.


Member’s Rights

  1. Members are eligible for basic services which provided by our organization.
  2. Members can anticipate activities held by our organization.
  3. Members are eligible for priority of our services.
  4. Members are eligible for providing Comments on our services.


Membership Service

  1. Corporate Registration.
  2. Consulting Service for Corporate Operation.
  3. Corporate Accounting.
  4. Government Fund and Assistants.
  5. Corporate Communication.