Tax Service

Every Monday, we provide free tax filing services for people with low income !

Are you eligible?

You may be eligible if you have a modest income and a simple tax situation.


Your total family income should be less than the amount shown in the chart.

Family size Total family income
One person $30,000
One person with one dependant $35,000 (add $2,500 for each additional dependant)
Couple $40,000 (add $2,500 for each dependant)

Tax situation

In general, your tax situation is simple if you have no income or if your income comes from these sources:

- employment

- pension

- benefits such as CPP, disability, CCB, EI, social assistance


- support payments

- scholarships, fellowships, bursaries or grants

- interest (under $1,000)

Your tax situation is not simple if you:

- are self-employed or have employment expenses

- have business or rental income and expenses

- have capital gains or losses

- file for bankruptcy

- are completing a tax return for a deceased person

*For more information on eligibility of our service, please visit the Government of Canada's website.

*For your convenience, Government of Canada also provide other locations for the free tax service.

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